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In one community, a courageous  doctor seeks to do the impossible: build a hospital in the middle of a warzone.

Dr. Ahmed Zakariah trained under American hero Dr. Tom Catena in the war-torn Nuba mountains of Sudan. The Nuba suffers under a humanitarian blockade imposed by Sudan’s Islamist-dominated government.

Persecution Project’s team met Dr. Ahmed in 2016-- the day after he was wounded by government planes bombing his location to try and stop his work.

During the peak malaria season, Dr. Ahmed treats between 60-100 patients per day in very difficult and inadequate conditions.

Building a hospital in a warzone is not easy (few roads, security challenges, increased costs, etc.). A new hospital is a matter of life and death to thousands of Nuba living in an area the size of the US state of Georgia. We must help!

Dr. Ahmed's vision is for his hospital to include several patient wards, a proper lab, an operating theatre, and a doctor and nurse compound.  

Our first priority is to help build the Maternity Ward. So many deaths in the Nuba are attributed to infant mortality and women perishing in labor.

Thanks to the generous help of you, our ministry partners, Phase I of the Maternity Ward has been completed. The foundation and walls were built, and the roof, solar power, and electrical wiring added.

Phase II includes “filling out” the interior with everything from tiled floors, windows, lighting fixtures, painting, plastering, ceiling installation, etc.

To complete Phase II, together we hope to raise $56,000 plus an additional $27,600 for transportation costs.*

Your support of Phase II is critical.

Thank you for supporting womens' health by helping to build this House of Healing in the Nuba mountains.