Rashid's Story

Rashid's life has been changed by your compassion.

Rashid's life has been changed by your compassion.

Over the years, we have met many men and women like Rashid. Most are paralytics due to polio. And all have a hard life. 

Rashid is from the Nuba mountains of Sudan, an area which has been subject to a massive humanitarian blockade by the Islamist government since 2011.

Rashid's life has radically changed because of the compassion of PPF's donors. God has used their love to literally raise him up.

Rashid received one of the many wheelchair tricycles PPF has delivered to the Nuba to help people like him.

When confronting a wicked regime fixated on persecuting people like Rashid, we're not waiting on a political solution before intervening. We're doing it right now. With your continued help, we'll keep doing it.

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