Media Packs

Web Banners

Get Active on your own site by promoting PPF with these banners. Pick the size that's best for you, then copy and paste the code beneath wherever you would like it to appear!

[download id="18" format="5"]

[download id="19" format="5"]

[download id="20" format="5"]

[download id="21" format="5"]

[download id="22" format="5"]

[download id="23" format="5"]

[download id="24" format="5"]

[download id="25" format="5"]

[download id="26" format="5"]

[download id="27" format="5"]

[download id="28" format="5"]

[download id="29" format="5"]

Get Active Promo

Below is an assortment of media files to help you promote our Get Active campaign. Click on an image to download and use whichever files you would like. At the very bottom is a link to download a ZIP of all the files.

Business Cards

[download id="2" format="1"]

Posters & Fliers

[download id="3" format="1"] [download id="4" format="1"] [download id="5" format="1"] [download id="6" format="1"]


[download id="7" format="1"] [download id="8" format="1"]

All Files

[download id="9"]