Safe Water

PPF in the Nuba: Six Years of Service

The conflict in Sudan’s Nuba mountains has surpassed its sixth year, with unfortunately no clear end in sight. During this time, the Islamist government in Khartoum has tried to terrorize and starve the Nuba out of their homeland. The Nuba is home to the largest Christian community in Sudan outside the capital city.

Most humanitarian organizations left the region very early into the conflict.

But that’s when PPF showed up.

On July 4th, 2011, our assessment team arrived in the Nuba on one of the last relief flights into Southern Kordofan State.


In August, 2011, we testified before an emergency hearing on Capitol Hill to warn Congress of the danger of a “repeat of Darfur” taking place.

Our team then set about the process of reaching out in active compassion to the Nuba community left behind, and those seeking refuge in neighboring South Sudan.

The generosity of ministry partners helped us start several outreaches, including deliveries of important relief and shelter supplies and medicines. Our Discipleship and Evangelism program has sponsored Pastoral Conferences, as well as the distribution of tens of thousands of Bibles, audio Bibles, and other discipleship materials to the growing Nuba church. And our Safe Water Program began repairing broken well pumps spread throughout the Nuba region, providing clean water for hundreds of thousands of residents.


Although the war has dragged on, creating famine conditions, the situation in the Nuba is much better than it would be had PPF not intervened. The head of the Nuba Medical Consortium, Tutu Turkash, stated that he didn't want to think about what it would be like if PPF was not working in the Nuba. “Having them with us here, where few others will come, it’s a game changer,” said Turkash.

The Church Militant


The Nuba church is growing amidst the conflict. With this growth, we can expect an increase in persecution from the Islamist government (II Timothy 3:12).

It is a very unfortunate reality that US government policy towards Sudan has changed since the days when economic sanctions were first enacted and strengthened by Presidents Clinton and Bush, respectively.

Regardless of whether one believes sanctions are an effective way to change policy in Sudan, the truth is that President Obama put the US on a definite track to “normalize” relations with one of the most brutal terrorist regimes in the world. And, as of this writing, President Trump’s administration seems to believe the Obama track is the right course to take.


But the Nuba church knows that no matter which way the winds of politics shift, its mission will not change— for the church serves a Government that NEVER changes. This Government has a compassionate King, Whose reign will go on, and vanquish all competing parties with mercy, justice and love.

The church in America serves the same King, and with the continued support of its members towards our brothers and sisters in the Nuba, PPF will continue its mission of “active compassion” for the persecuted.

More Clean Water for the Persecuted!


PPF’s Safe Water Program set a goal in 2017 to repair 77 broken well pumps in some of the most remote and difficult to access places of Sudan’s Nuba mountains— an area which has been under a government-enforced humanitarian blockade since 2011.

Our ministry partners poured into this program, and we were able to position enough fuel and spare parts in the Nuba to achieve our goal.

At press time, our Emergency Borehole Repair Team had completed their 74th repair for the year! We have nearly reached our goal— thanks to God working through your generosity!

Please pray for the continued safety and success of our team, and that many Nuba people will be introduced to the “Water of Life” through our Safe Water Program.


400... and Counting!

Many hands make light work PPF's Emergency Borehole Repair team in the Nuba mountains has worked tirelessly through one of the most dangerous fighting seasons in more than five years of conflict to provide safe water to thousands of Nuba families. We recently received a report from the team leader that the 400th repaired well has been passed! Many broken well pumps are located in areas very close to enemy forces, so we praise God that He has protected and prospered our brave team members.

Our Borehole Repair Team attracts an audience

We have just placed a new order for more borehole spare parts to keep our team working. Your support of PPF's Safe Water Program is literally saving lives and preventing disease.

Thank you!

Our New "Normal"

On the evening of July 14th, the world learned of the terror attack in Nice, France, by an Islamic extremist. This tragic event killed 84 people and injured scores of others. In the wake of this terrible event, and so many others in recent memory, the conversation quickly turned to how people need to prepare for such events in the future. “Is Nice the new ‘normal’ for the West?

In the U.S., instructional videos have even been produced to educate staff on what to do during an office shooting.

Homes and land destroyed

With violence and terror becoming a part of the landscape of much of Europe and America, we are getting a taste of what it’s been like for our brethren in the Nuba mountains of Sudan, who have endured a systematic campaign of violence and terror for more than five years.

Refugees from Heiban

Attacks are so common, all the Nuba have trained ears. When an Antonov bomber flies over, and we run for cover to a bomb shelter, we'll often look around and see the Nuba going about their daily business. This is because locals know when a plane is flying towards them, when it’s getting ready to bomb, and roughly how long they have to make it to shelter before the bomb hits.

Foxholes - A constant reminder of the ongoing terror campaign

What a terrible way to have to raise children! Foxholes are everywhere. Our team once saw a two-year-old instinctively run for a hole when he heard a plane in the distance. This is normal for the Nuba.

So, what do we do? We can personally refuse to live a life of fear and refuse to allow terrorists to influence our daily routine. But it’s not enough to be stubborn. Romans 12:21 says, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” We must be proactive in doing good if we are to combat the forces of evil.

This is exactly how the Nuba church is responding to their daily “normal.” The church has reached out, not only to their own communities, but to the communities of Muslim neighbors, who share equally in the suffering. Even the POWs of the enemy receive material aid and medical attention from the church.

Offering of food donated by Nuba church

The Nuba church has chosen to unite in doing good works to confront the evil that seeks to destroy their homes. Sure, they also defend their homes with lethal force when attacked. Christian families send their sons to battle just like Nuba Muslims and animists. But the Church knows that the biggest battle is in their own hearts. The battle against despair, sinful anger, and bitterness. How is this battle fought and won?

By doing good.

In the West, our "new normal” is the “old normal” for the Church in Sudan. But our response should be the same: overcome evil with good. On the day we read about the attack in Nice, we also read a report from our staff in the Nuba, celebrating the distribution of 7,000 crisis relief kits for internally-displaced families.

Reply formWhile talking heads wring their hands about how to deal with Islamic extremists, we’re repairing broken well pumps to give communities of Christians and Muslims access to safe, clean water. We’re providing medicine to 180 regional Nuba health clinics, where everyone, regardless of their background, receives the help they need to fight malaria, typhoid, and even the common cold. And the local church is leading the way. It's preaching the Gospel primarily by living the Gospel.

And thousands of Bibles and gospel pamphlets are being distributed to provide spiritual hope in addition to physical relief.

It’s not enough to curse the darkness. We must shine the light. Thank you for your role in keeping the lamp burning bright!

Save the Nuba -1

The Winning Side

By Brad Phillips

PPF correspondenceRecently, I received a card from a couple who have been long-time ministry partners of PPF. Their kind note was filled with encouragement and prayers for the safety and success of our team. But what encouraged me most was how their card ended: "It's good to know we're on the winning side."

"The winning side." That sounds good, doesn't it? But the best part is it's true. No matter how much darkness we confront, the tiniest bit of light drives it away. The weakest member in our army is stronger than the greatest champion of our enemy.

How do I know this? I simply look around me. First, I see in the Bible the example of Christ Himself, Who began His life as a poor kid from a backwater province in the Roman Empire. His career was brief, His persecution and death humiliating. But His victory was TOTAL.

A shrapnel-pierced pulpit

I observe this uncanny victory all around me, especially in the people and places I get to visit and serve. I see victory at a church service in the Nuba mountains, where the preacher delivers his sermon from a shrapnel-riddled pulpit. I hear victory in the hymns heralding from rocks, as a congregation meets for worship behind the protected cover of a mountain adjacent the charred remains of their church building.

Carrier Photo

Dr. Tom Catena at Mother of Mercy Hospital

I watch victory happen when I see missionary doctors like Tom Catena make the rounds visiting hundreds of patients a day, year-after-year, with no rest.

Repaired Borehole

I taste victory when I drink safe water from a formerly broken well pump a PPF team just repaired. I give victory when I hand a gospel tract to a young mother, and then treat her sick child with malaria medication we've also brought with us.

I share victory with tribal leaders who hear the Gospel for the first time in their native language.

And, of course, I read encouraging words of victory from ministry partners like you, who send notes, cards, emails, and phone calls exhorting us to "stay strong," "keep going," and "don't give up."


"We're with you." And you are.

From humble beginnings in 1997, to the present day, you've partnered with us in active compassion. Some of you have given sacrificially and consistently. Some of you have prayed for us everyday. Others have cheered us from afar, while still others have joined us in the field.

All of us victorious. All of us winners. And all because of Christ, Who loved us and gave Himself for us. This is a good work. Let's continue to walk victorious together.

Well Repair Update

IMG_0189-2We are so blessed - way beyond what we even realize. For example, when we turn on the tap in our kitchens, safe water comes out. But for one of Sudan's large Christian minorities living in the war-torn Nuba mountains, access to safe water can cost you your life.

For nearly five years, the Islamist government in Khartoum has tried to annihilate the Nuba people. The government has blocked humanitarian access to the region to starve them out, launched major military offensives on the ground to drive them out and purposefully targeted schools, hospitals, churches and marketplaces with an aerial terror campaign to scare them out.

But I have good news: the Islamists are failing. And they are failing in large degree because of active compassion from people like you!


In early 2013, PPF began an extensive well repair operation in the Nuba mountains to provide people with access to safe water. Hundreds of boreholes are in desperate need of repair. They are broken down from constant use, and there is limited access to spare parts or assistance from many humanitarian organizations.

IMG_0155-2Our initial goal was to repair 15 boreholes. At the time, the main challenge wasn't just raising enough money to repair the wells, but whether logistically we could repair any. Access to the Nuba by road is seasonal at best. Parts must be shipped through South Sudan and then sent across the border into an active war zone. Work must take place under constant threat of air strikes.

But by God's grace, working through your help, we exceeded our goal in 2013, and repaired 95 boreholes. In 2014, our goal was to repair 105 additional boreholes. Again, we appealed to you, and you responded. Our objective was reached.

In 2015, we began Phase III to focus on repairs in remote areas far from any base of support. At the end of this phase, 82 more boreholes were repaired, bringing the grand total to 282.

War as a Way of Life

It's now been nearly five years since the war in the Nuba began. The Islamist government in Khartoum is not letting up. All humanitarian assistance for the Nuba is still banned. Outside organizations like PPF are considered criminal and subject to treatment as such. Doctors Without Borders (MSF) learned this when their hospitals in the Nuba were repeatedly bombed by the Sudan Air Force in 2014 and 2015. They got the hint and pulled all their people out of the country.

The situation is very difficult.

But the persecuted church in the Nuba remains strong.

Living Water

Although Safe Water may be difficult to find in some areas of the Nuba mountains, there is evidence of the "Living Water" everywhere. Scores of church buildings dot the landscape, and on Sundays, they're full. Pastors conduct house-to-house evangelism. Christians share their limited supplies with their Muslim neighbors or family members.

The Family of Faith continues to grow - and so does PPF's role in the conflict.

Phase IV

girl drinking clean waterThis year, we have begun Phase IV of our emergency borehole repair project. For this phase, we have decided to again focus on several remote areas where Nubans live dangerously close to enemy forces. We have set a goal of 70 more repaired boreholes by the end of 2016.

Although the cost of such a project varies due to many logistical challenges related to sourcing materials, cost of fuel, available vehicles, moving men and materials to remote areas, etc., we have worked out an average cost of $1,000 per repaired well pump.

And the good news is that we have already raised $50,000 towards Phase IV. To complete our goal, we need to raise another $20,000. Will you help us reach our goal?

Your giving is truly making a difference. Will you continue to stand with our persecuted brothers and sisters in Sudan?

Funds raised in excess of our current goal will be designated "where needed most" to support all PPF ministry activities.

A Good Kind of Tired...

By Matt Chancey I've recently started CrossFit Training. And let me tell you, there are few better ways to feel your age! Ouch! The first few days, I was waddling like a duck everywhere. I was so sore! But I keep going back. Why? Because at the end of each session, I feel great. I look back at all the repetitions of the various exercises I've completed and feel a sense of satisfaction. I'm tired and sore, but I'm happy.

That's how we're feeling now at PPF. 2015 has been crazy busy. Crazy!! It's hard to begin to recap all that has happened. We have worked ourselves to near exhaustion in the field. But just like a CrossFit session, we're looking back and feeling a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

PPF Ministry Team in Eastern Equatoria State, South Sudan

Our biggest feeling is one of gratitude. We're grateful to God for commissioning us to do this work, and for seeing us through. And we're grateful for you, our ministry partners, who have entrusted us to be ambassadors of your love.

Below are some of our ministry action photos of 2015 to visually tell the story of all that your giving has accomplished in just one year. Our hope is that it encourages you in seeing all that can be accomplished when you decide to roll up your sleeves and engage in Active Compassion for the Persecuted.

From all of us at PPF, we wish you a very Merry Christmas - and we'll see you next year!

Safe Water Projects

SWP fresh water

SWP repair boreholes 2

SWP repair boreholes

village well

Matt at well


Advocacy - speaking in churches

Ed speaking at a men's breakfast.


Medical Services

Meds check-up


Brad with Dr. Tom


Discipleship & Evangelism

D&E Story of Jesus distribution

South and North Sudanese pastors learning how Christian media can be advanced through technology

Pastor with Discipleship materials

Preparing to show The Jesus Film

girl with SOJ

Ed with Pastor Yassin at a pastor's conference


Relief & Shelter Projects

Action Pack

loading blankets

lohutuk dignity kits

man with ap



R&S Dignity Kit recipient

women with aps

woman with dress

T & L muddy roads

truck at Rubb Hall