Where Needed Most

We Love Because He First Loved Us

By Bradford L. Phillips Most religions are 'man-centered' where the emphasis is placed on man's abilities and requirements to perform certain rights or duties in order to be acceptable to his deity (or deities). But Christianity is God-centered, meaning that man's standing before his Creator is determined solely by God's choice to love and show compassion on His people.

As with all religions, Christianity requires certain duties to be performed. But they are not performed in order to achieve standing with God. Rather, we do them out of love and appreciation for the standing that has already been conferred upon us by God's gracious choice. We love Him because He first loved us. (I John 4:19)

This same love and appreciation of what God has done for us motivates PPF to joyfully serve the persecuted church in Africa by trying to mimic the perfect love that God has shown us through the Person and work of Jesus Christ.

PPF's desire is to show active compassion towards people who desperately need compassion; love for people who desperately need to be loved; and encouragement for those who desperately need to be lifted up.

And when I say "PPF," I don't mean an entity incorporated by the US Government. I mean you. You are PPF. There is nothing we can do as an organization without your sacrificial giving. We are partners in ministry.

I thank God for the love you have for our brethren in Africa. But I thank God most of all for His love for you, which make all things possible.

Serving God in the Best of Times & the Worst of Times

By Brad Phillips, President PPF

Dear Friend of the Persecuted,

I have something very important to share with you.

I feel like I'm living in Dickens' Tale of Two Cities because right now, it's "the best of times and the worst of times."

It is the "worst of times" because despite the assurances from several economists that the economy is improving, that is not being reflected in the cash donations coming into PPF - and basically every other non-profit. The traditional "summer slump" has been particularly hard for us this year.

But it's also the "best of times," because God is opening more avenues of ministry to the persecuted than I have ever seen.

Recently, I was contacted by one of our key ministry partners informing me of some great news! Once again God has answered prayer and provided PPF with a very large and valuable consignment of Mebendazole de-worming medicine, and immune system-boosting vitamin supplements.

The medical consignment (which is valued at more than $5.3 million) will provide life-saving treatment to 500,000 people in Southern Sudan and Darfur!

As you know, PPF has been involved for many years providing clean water for survivors of genocide and persecution. Dirty water accounts for more than 80 percent of the diseases in Africa.

Medicines like Mebendazole are a natural complement to our Safe Water and Medical programs by treating tens of thousands of people suffering from harmful parasites and worms that they acquire by drinking dirty water - nasty parasites that literally suck the life out of already malnourished victims.

We now have the opportunity to bless 500,000 people who have survived one of Africa's cruelest genocidal wars.

That is the good news. But, the bad news is that even though this generous gift of medicines is free, the transportation, clearance, storage, distribution and coordination of medical outreaches with local health care workers are not free. We need cash to get this medicine to the precious souls that need it. So, as I have done many times before, I want to give you the opportunity to help in this difficult, but exciting challenge.

Would you consider making a special gift designated "where needed most" to PPF so we can take full advantage of this and other ministry opportunities God has provided?

Although we have seen a drop in our cash donations during the last two years, our ministry programs have seen incredible growth. Last year, PPF's outreaches saw a growth of 257% and this year, we anticipate growth of 146% or more. In other words, we are doing more with less. God has taken the few loaves and fishes we have received and multiplied them beyond belief. It has been a wonderful, faith-building experience for all of us.

But we still need your help. There are still more clean water wells to drill, medicines and shoes to distribute, and pastors to train. The needs are great, but our Provider has always met our needs. And His delight is working through your generous heart.

Thank you for all you have done already to minister to the persecuted. I will keep you posted on how your gift is being used to help our brothers and sisters in Sudan.