100 Wells Campaign Progress Report

By Brad Phillips A couple of months ago, I began receiving several distress calls from my contacts along the Darfur border with South Sudan. It was the beginning of the rainy season. But the flooding from the rains was not the reason I was being called by my contacts. Rather, I was told of a flood of new refugees pouring into the community of Jaac and causing increased strain on our water wells. In fact, several pumps had already broken.


My biggest concern was that the rains had started early and were already making the logistics of moving around South Sudan very challenging. But in spite of this, we began contacting contractors and planning for new borehole construction, as well as repairs on existing wells.

In late May, having found a company willing to do the work, I sent the PPF team north to Jaac to begin work. A month later, after many trials and tribulations, I received news that five new boreholes were completed! In addition, 25 wells were successfully repaired. I have included several pictures showcasing this latest progress for PPF's Safe Water program.

God's grace working through your faithful giving made this progress possible! Thank you.

The cement is still wet on the new well pictured below.