2013: A Year of Surpassing Expectations

SAM_1439As 2013 came to a close, it ended one of the most active and successful years of ministry to date. We are grateful for all that God has allowed us to do -- surpassing all of our expectations. Throughout the year, we've updated you on various projects -- including our outreaches to the embattled people of the Nuba Mountains.

War in the Mountains

Action Pack Distribution

Due to Khartoum’s genocidal campaign in Southern Kordofan State, the Nuba people are facing a dire humanitarian crisis. The expulsion of international NGOs has resulted in the termination of the most basic services and threatened access to food, water, medicine and other necessities.

Now three years into this cruel crisis, there seems to be no end in sight. But God is at work and continues to reveal His mercy to the Nuba people. You can visit www.persecutionproject.org or www.savethenuba.com to learn more about what is happening there now.

Recently, we heard the story of a Nuba believer who shared with me how her sister, Fatima, at the sound of an “Antonov” bomber had jumped into a “foxhole.” The bomb landed less than 3 meters away and the dirt from the impact completely buried her. To the amazement of family members, Fatima dug herself out unharmed!

For Fatima and her family, God’s mercy was revealed in the midst of terror. God’s mercy is demonstrated in other ways, and you and I are a part of this. Demonstrating mercy is a central purpose of PPF.

Safe Water

Safe water borehole

In 2013, we were able to assist more than 150,000 Nuba people with lifesaving access to Safe Water by repairing 95 broken boreholes (wells). Our Nuba Safe Water team was redeployed in December with the goal to repair an additional 105 boreholes. We hope to reach this goal within the first 8 months of 2014.

Living Water

A few weeks ago, PPF’s Nuba logistic’s officer Abulul had the opportunity to fellowship with some Moro (Nuba tribe) believers. He visited a church in a remote location in the mountains where we have provided Moro language Bibles. Moro and Otoro are the two largest Christian communities in the Nuba mountains.

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Abulul was moved by the joy and gratitude displayed by these embattled Christians. Though their physical needs were great, they were spiritually full. They were so overjoyed to receive a Bible in their own language that they seemed to forget all the hardships they faced. I know many were encouraged by being reminded that their spiritual family had not forgotten them and was fellowshipping with them in their suffering.


Medical Relief

Second only to water, medicine is a critical need for survival in the Nuba. This year, in partnership with The Voice of the Martyrs, PPF delivered medicines to 156 locations in Southern Kordofan State. In addition, we were able to assist more than 3,000 Nuba families with other non-food items such as blankets, Bibles and refugee kits.


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You may recall over the summer, PPF sent out a special request to assist with the continued development of the Jebel Lopit Training Center (JLTC) in South Sudan. Thanks to your generous response, we were able to meet and even surpass our goals and accomplish much work.

As you know, Sudan and South Sudan are two very difficult countries in which to work due to ongoing wars and the lack of the most basic infrastructure. JLTC has become PPF’s primary ministry platform to reach into the two Sudans and to facilitate all of our projects that demonstrate Active Compassion.

JLTC is the base where PPF keeps and maintains its fleet of vehicles which support the logistics of our ministry in South Sudan and even up into the Nuba Mountains. It is where teams assemble and plans are made. It is where relief items are stored and from whence they are distributed.

New Nation/Old Problems

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South Sudan may be the world’s newest nation, but it still does not have basic items and services readily available that we take for granted—things like electricity, clean water, reliable transportation and infrastructure, food production, etc. Sometimes the expense of logistics (getting to the field with your team and all the supplies) can eclipse the dollar value of the actual items you seek to deliver or the work you need to do.

That is why JLTC is so important. Having a forward base of operations in South Sudan ultimately saves time and money and enhances efficiency.

Looking Ahead

Your love and generosity helped us end 2013 on a high note. We are already hard at work in 2014 to keep the momentum going. We have an aggressive building schedule for the JLTC. Additionally, more relief items are being assembled and will begin to make their way to assist the growing number of Nuba refugees.

We hope this brief report encourages you as we engage in active compassion for the persecuted together in 2014.