2014: Year-End Review

We believe that the best way to start 2015 is by thanking God for all He accomplished through your generosity in 2014. Last year was a record-breaker on many levels. But surpassing goals on paper is one thing. The most important goal is engaging in active compassion that impacts lives. And, again, thanks to you, 2014 was incredibly successful. Safe Water Program

IMG_0040-1PPF's Safe Water team continued to work in the war-torn Nuba Mountains of Sudan, where the population lives under constant attack by air and land forces of indicted war criminals in the Islamist government of that country.

The current war in the Nuba has lasted more than three and a half years and has put enormous strain on its infrastructure. Hundreds of borehole pumps have broken down, forcing people to resort to muddy, hand-dug wells to survive. Dirty water is responsible for more than 80 percent of disease in Africa.

Brad at wellIn 2013, PPF began sending repair teams and spare parts into the Nuba to fix broken pumps. In 2014, our teams repaired 105 pumps, bringing the total number repaired to 200! Your generosity made this possible!

Preparations are already being made for more work in 2015, as there are as many as 400 additional broken pumps remaining in the Nuba Mountains.

Medical Distribution

Brad with medsWhen the latest war began in the Nuba Mountains, resident NGOs were ordered out of the area by the government in Khartoum. All humanitarian assistance was prohibited. This ban included medical assistance.

The region's only operational hospital, Mother of Mercy, run by the courageous American doctor Tom Catena, serves hundreds of patients at any given time, suffering from everything from malaria to gunshot wounds.

IMG_2036In addition to Mother of Mercy, the region has 161 primary health care facilities, all needing important pharmaceuticals to serve the local population.

PPF asked the local Ministry of Health to provide us with a list of the major drugs needed for all of 2014. We took this need to our donors and were able to raise enough funds to deliver 30 percent of this list, making PPF the largest single contributor of medicine over a 19,000 square mile area, home to 1.2 million Nuba residents. Your generosity made this possible!

We will continue to provide medicine to the Nuba in 2015 as long as resources permit and the window of opportunity remains open.

Relief Distributions

cargo on plane - 1In December 2013, South Sudan descended into a bloody civil war which continues to this day, despite numerous cease fire agreements. In 2014, PPF organized several convoys and relief flights to six key locations where many refugees had fled to escape the violence. These locations included the Yida refugee camp in Unity State, the administrative region of Abyei, the capital city of Juba, the city of Wau, Baliet County in the Upper Nile, and Panyagor County in Jonglei State.

IMG_1146-1Many refugees fled their home villages with nothing but the clothes on their backs. PPF's relief missions delivered essential non-food items (NFIs) like clean water containers, cooking pots, tarps for shelter, blankets, clothing, soap, and shoes.

Your generosity made this possible!

Additional Growth at JLTC

JLTC constructionConstruction at the Jebel Lopit Training Center (JLTC) in Eastern Equatoria State continued at an accelerated pace, with new staff quarters completed, including kitchen and additional meeting space.

The JLTC is PPF's platform for training the next generation of leaders in both Sudans. Our desire is not simply to "stop the bleeding" through crisis relief programs, but to work towards long-term solutions by investing in training and discipleship - one person at a time.

IMG_3589In 2015, construction will continue and an innovative "train the trainer" program will be launched for primary and secondary teachers working in conflict areas. Even during war time, we cannot afford to lose another generation. In places like the Nuba Mountains, new schools are being built and children instructed. The JLTC will become an important facilitator of this work.

Your generosity makes this possible!


IMG_1268One of PPF's main purposes is advocacy. Our goal is to inform people about the incidences of persecution and to mobilize them to become advocates and/or intercessors for the persecuted communities where PPF is working. We accomplish this goal by publishing monthly newsletters, by posting reports on Facebook and Twitter, by sending out e-blasts, and by speaking at churches, civic organizations and demonstrations.

IMG_3762-1In 2014, we demonstrated in front of both the Sudan embassy and White House seeking to have Meriam Ibrahim's death sentence overturned and for her to be released from her North Sudan prison. PPF staff and volunteers also spoke at numerous schools, churches and other events throughout the year.


Although 2014 established new milestones of ministry for us, 2015 already has the beginnings of another record-breaking year. For all of us, it's not about ticking boxes and having an impressive looking 990 form to show the auditors. Success for us is blessing others, helping others, ministering to others. Every contributor to PPF is a vital part of this ministry team. Thank you for choosing to partner with us in active compassion for the persecuted.

For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ. For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body - Jews or Greeks, slaves or free - and all were made to drink of one Spirit. 1Co 12:12-13