A Haven for Conservation

blue-bird"The righteous care for the needs of their animals..." Proverbs 12:10a

dsc_9690_edited When the gospel comes to an area, not only does spiritual change take place, but the whole landscape should change for the better. We have seen this in South Sudan at the site of the PPF-supported Jebel Lopit Training Center (JLTC). The JLTC compound is not only a place where pastors come for equipping and training, but it's a place where local wildlife has found a safe-haven.


hyrax-1But an increase in animal life is not the only environmental benefit. Philip Oriho is a local pastor who graduated from Addis Ababa with an agricultural degree. He has become obsessed with planting more trees in the community. Trees not only provide valuable shade, they also prevent erosion in the rainy season and contribute towards cooling local temperatures and conserving water.

dsc_3959We hope these photos encourage you and show that your support of PPF benefits man and beast - and the environment - alike!