A Prayer for Kenya

By Brad Phillips I make my home in Kenya, which prides itself as one of Africa's most stable democracies. Unfortunately, we are still in Africa, which also means that elections tend to be infrequent and marked by fraud and violence. Kenya is no exception. In 2007, the world was shocked as this relatively calm country erupted in post-election violence that killed more than a thousand people and displaced hundreds of thousands. In addition to the human carnage, the economy was severely shaken and work became extremely difficult.

This year, two of the candidates in this election have been indicted by the International Criminal Court for their alleged role in the 2007 election violence. The U.S. and Europe have hinted at sanctions and other "blacklisting" that would occur should these candidates prevail. All of this means that the elections scheduled for March 4th have the potential to repeat what happened in 2007 - especially if the race is close.

Please take a minute to join me in prayer for a peaceful election in Kenya. Pray for the safety of all Kenyans and PPF staff who reside in this beautiful country.

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