A Rock for "Little Omar"

Little Omar Little Omar is a 3-year-old boy who lives in a cave in the Nuba mountains. A few days ago, an Antonov bomber visited his community, and now, Omar has no mother.

Omar is from the Kwaliib community. The Kwaliib are one of 50 indigenous Nuba tribes, but they are exceptional for many reasons. For instance, they are among a handful of Nube ethnicities who have received their own translation of the Bible. Consequently, 95% of the Kwaliib identify themselves as Christian. This makes them among the most targeted communities in all of Southern Kordofan State.

Omar and his extended family live in a cave, because it is the safest place to seek shelter from the almost daily aerial bombardment by Sudan Armed Forces' airplanes. But sometimes it is not safe enough.

Hasha 7 months pregnant

We met Omar earlier this month during a visit to the caves where his family and relatives have been hiding since the war started in 2011.

The evening before we arrived, tragedy struck. An Antonov bomber flew over. Everyone scattered to the rocks to seek cover. Omar's mother, Hasha Ali, heard the Antonov and realized she has been separated from her son. She left the safety of the cave to find him and to get him out of harm's way.

Site where Hasha was killed.

While she was looking for Omar, a bomb fell next to Hasha, killing her instantly. Hasha was 7 months pregnant and the bomb did not immediately kill her unborn baby. Her family could do nothing but watch the child struggle inside his dead mother... until the kicking stopped.

When we arrived the following morning, we were told this heartbreaking story and found a party of wailing men and women, mourning the loss of Hasha and her unborn baby.

Hasha's family mourns.

Hasha's father brought Omar to us, and we could see the little boy had no idea as to what had just happened to his mother. In the coming days, we know he will look for her and not find her.

We've traveled a lot in Sudan over the past 17 years, and we've seen many terrible things. Yet, looking into the eyes of little Omar was very difficult.

The Nuba people live among the rocks for protection and shelter against attack. But Jesus Christ is the only sure Rock for our brethren in Sudan-- and for the rest of us.

We have the privilege to come alongside our Nuba brothers and sisters to provide encouragement, material support, and solidarity. Your support of PPF makes this work possible. It ensures that little Omar and his family don't face their battles alone.