It is More Blessed to Give than to Receive

by Hagazi Kebede, PPF CFO/COO  Hagazi_Kebede According to the IRS, Persecution Project Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation. But the reality is that PPF is a network -- a network of Christians united by the goal to engage in active compassion for the persecuted and the needy.

Every day, we receive letters from members of this network all across America -- and even beyond. Many just contain a donation towards our work. But many contain letters of encouragement and prayers for safety and success in the work.

One of the most encouraging members of our "network" have been the students from Providence Christian School in Dothan, Alabama. It began a few years ago as a class project for third-graders. More and more students have since joined the cause and started a modern-day children's crusade to help the persecuted and the needy.

Some have walked their neighborhoods raising funds. One started a lemonade stand and donated all proceeds to PPF. Rather than buy bottled water at the school, some students have placed a collection jar on their teacher's desk to collect funds towards PPF's 100 Wells Campaign. Students_from_Providence_Christian_School_in_Dothan_Alabama

One teacher called to say that she saw one of her students praying at the school water fountain for the persecuted in Sudan!

When Christians begin reaching outside their own "insulated" circles, they discover the wonderful gift of grace that comes from giving. This gift of grace from God is incredibly addictive. The Acts 20 passage teaches us that "It is more blessed to give than to receive." This is not just a cutesy moral maxim, it is the plain reality to a majority of our donors.

Thank you for your encouragement to us. Thank you for your sacrificial giving. And thank you for being a blessing to so many persecuted and needy in Africa who are not able to thank you personally.