Building for the Future

This building was built using Hydraform bricks.Recently, I traveled to the growing town of Torit in Southern Sudan to participate in a training session. The training session was on how to operate our new brick machine that was purchased earlier this year with the help of supporters. We all know that the Church of Jesus Christ is not a building. If anything, we've learned in America the damage that can be done when we view the Church as existing within the four walls of a building.

But buildings are important. Buildings communicate a message. If I built a house of mud and straw, people would say that I did not intend to be in that particular area very long, because my investment in the building was small and very basic. But if I invest the time and energy to build with strong brick, I communicate permanency. I communicate that I'm "here to stay."

That's exactly what PPF has in mind for our new brick machine. During the war in Southern Sudan, most infrastructure was destroyed. But today, we have the opportunity to stand beside our brothers and sisters and help them rebuild their country.

For instance, we have an opportunity in the Darfur refugee community of Jaac to build a world class feeding center for severely wasted and malnourished children. There is also no permanent church building or school in Jaac. Both needs can be supplied with the brick machine.

These are just a few examples of the way the new brick machine enhances our ability to serve our family in Sudan.

We're not just investing in buildings... we're investing in lives. Strong buildings communicate to our persecuted brothers and sisters in Africa that we are serious about our work and serious about helping them.

Thanks to all of our supporters who gave so generously towards this important program. I look forward to updating you in the future on the progress of this project.

- Brad Phillips