Christians Gather in "Heart of Dixie" to Support PPF

Enterprise, Alabama, is a unique town, because it's the only municipality in the world with a monument dedicated to a pest. More than 100 years ago, the boll weevil destroyed much of the area's cotton crop and forced farmers to diversify by planting other plants - including peanuts, which became a new cash crop. In gratitude for the unexpected blessing of this little bug, citizens of Enterprise built a monument in the center of town as a reminder that good things can come from unexpected places.

But Enterprise is also the home town of PPF Director, Matt Chancey, and recently, many of his family and friends turned out at a reception to support PPF's 100 Wells Campaign. At the event, Matt introduced his neighbors to the work of PPF and told them how they could engage in "active compassion for the persecuted."

"It's really easy to live in a bubble," said Chancey, who has been with PPF since its incorporation in 2000. "Christians are so blessed in America that we forget that much of the Church is still being persecuted."

Assisting Matt at the reception was Justice Tom Parker from the Alabama Supreme Court. Justice Parker drove down from his office in Montgomery to serve as Master of Ceremonies. "The most important job I have is not being a judge, but being a servant of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ," said Parker. "More Christians have been killed for their Faith in the last 100 years than in the last 1,900 years. And we have a responsibility to intervene and assist our brothers and sisters who are suffering."

Matt commented how easy it is to organize a small event like the one in Enterprise and encouraged the participants to become ambassadors for the persecuted by hosting their own events, whether it is in their homes, churches, or places of business.

"All of us have something to give persecuted Christians. Whether it's our time, prayers, or financial assistance, we can all do something. That's why our motto at PPF is 'Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.'"