Clean Water for the Embattled Nuba People

Over the last several months, PPF organized and executed a borehole repair program across the border into the war zone to fix pumps in the Nuba Mountains which had broken down during the previous two years of conflict. Preparing the repair vehicles for another day of work.

The lack of spare parts and reliable transport have prevented regular maintenance on the pumps and more than 200 at one point had become unserviceable - forcing residents to rely on unsanitary hand-dug wells for themselves and their animals.


Our initial goal was to try and repair at least 30 boreholes. That would have taken some pressure off the residents and would have made access to clean water a little easier. The operation was quietly organized and put into play - and by the time all the spare parts had been used and the rainy season ended the program, 96 wells had been repaired! Our profound thanks to the PPF donors who gave generously to this vital humanitarian operation in the "no-go" zone. Your giving is making a difference!

PPF's Brad Phillips takes a drink from a repaired well in the Nuba Mountains.