Community Water Reservoirs

In early 2012, PPF launched an initiative to increase the capacity of our existing wells by establishing Community Water Reservoirs consisting of water towers, submersible pumps and solar power. Starting from our JLTC base in Lohutuk, we installed our first solar powered water system in March of this year.

Our desire is to introduce this more sustainable system to refugee communities in Jaac and other locations like Yida near the north/south boundary.

The development of Community Water Reservoirs sustained by solar powered submersible pumps means greater access to Safe Water for more refugees.

Using submersible pumps powered by solar energy can increase production of one well to more than five times the capacity of the standard hand pump. Of course, each reservoir system costs much more than a standard hand pump, but the increased number of people benefitting from the upgrade makes it actually much cheaper and sustainable in the long run.

Thank you for your continued interest and support of this important campaign!