Emergency! This is not a drill...

There is a very important need right now in South Sudan. Last Friday, we received a phone call from a friend who currently serves as the Sudan country director for a large Christian organization with whom we partner.

My friend confirmed to us the arrival of a container of relief supplies that we had sent up earlier. This was good news.

However, what he told us next troubled us and is the subject of this post.

He told us that his staff are being stretched beyond their resources as their camp is being overrun with new refugees spilling across the border from North Sudan. Since May, 2011, Sudan dictator Omar al-Bashir has closed the conflict areas to all humanitarian groups. He has also waged an unrestricted bombing campaign against civilians to spread terror and to create a humanitarian crisis as food stores have run out and people are too scared to come out of their caves to plant.

Now the crisis has reached the level where the flood of refugees is stretching resources to the breaking point. An additional 10,000 refugees have poured into South Sudan in just the last 2 weeks.

Our friend told us his personnel are working around the clock and suffering from exhaustion and sickness.

They need reinforcements. NOW.

The three greatest needs in the areas where this partner ministry is serving are qualified doctors, nurses and nutritionists.

If you fit any of these three criterion and are willing to serve, you may be invited to join in one of the next rotations for our partner's medical team.

If you would like to join the brave individuals working overtime right now to stem the tide of suffering rolling into South Sudan, please contact us with information on your availability (when you can travel and for how long), qualifications, contact details and references.

We will provide more information to qualified individuals who contact our office (540) 829-5353.

Thanks for your love and concern for the persecuted. We hope to hear from you soon.