From the Mailbag

By Brent A, Dear PPF,

I knew when you sent Ed Lyons to our church, and he presented your ministry and Gospel opportunity to us, I was called to support it and to go to Africa to spend time with God's people there.

Brent A. (middle) with PPF team in Lohutuk.

We arrived in Kenya and over the next day traveled by smaller and then smaller planes to Lohutuk, South Sudan. It was a step back in time. That people still live like this is hard for an American to understand! But as I have seen it with my own eyes, I can't ignore it or forget it. There are places in this world where a glass of clean water is as precious as gold.

What you are doing in Lohutuk is so incredibly Gospel and kingdom focused, that it makes me want to sell my belongings and support this ministry with everything that I am. What better way to present the Gospel of "living water" than with fresh, clean actual water?

I committed myself to carefully respond to the question, "So, did Africa change your life?" My answer is, "I'll have to see." I will wait on the Lord. But until then, I will tell everyone who wants to hear about Africa, and I will encourage people to support PPF and what it is doing for the kingdom there.