Genocide in Sudan: An Interview with Brad Phillips

The Washington Times' Amanda Read interviewed Brad last week following his testimony during an emergency congressional hearing convened by the House Foreign Affairs Committee. "There is no justification in my mind for bombing Libya, while doing nothing in the Nuba Mountains," said Phillips in his testimony, as he provided evidence of genocide against the Nuba peoples in the oil-rich region that lies on the border between Sudan and the new country of South Sudan.

"Based on the history of the [National Congress Party], and what we know about what they are doing today in Darfur, in Abyei, and in the Nuba Mountains," Phillips continued, "it amazes me how the U.S. and the international community could tolerate these killers for so long, yet aggresssively pursue other villains who have not killed 1/100th of the people for which Omar al-Bashir and his regime are responsible."

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