Help for the Nuba

IMG_0615 Since June 2011, the Nuba people who inhabit the mountainous region of Southern Kordofan, Sudan, have been under seige. It's not a civil war between opposing tribes, nor is it merely a "power struggle" between rival factions battling for supremacy. It's a terror campaign against an indigenous African Nuba population who have lived in the hills and caves of Kordofan for centuries. The war is perpetrated by the ruthless National Congress Party far away in Khartoum, led by an indicted "war criminal" Omar al Bashir.

An enormous crater made by a bomb dropped in the Nuba Mountains

Bashir's aerial terror campaign in 2014 has been amplified by the use of more sophisticated SU-24 jet fighters provided by Iran. Bashir's forces also use "parachute" bombing technology, which increases the number of ordnance delivered, magnifying the level of terror.

The intentional targeting of market places, schools, medical clinics and churches -- all civilian targets -- constitute war crimes against humanity.

Christian Kingdoms of Nubia

The Nuba people have a long history in these mountains. They arrived more than five hundred years ago, fleeing the destruction of the Christian Nubian Kingdoms in Merowe, Dongola and elsewhere in Northern Sudan by Islamist invaders.

Refugees fleeing the fighting in the Nuba Mountains.

Over the centuries, the Nuba people sought refuge from persecution in the Kordofan mountains. They developed a culture of resilience and fierce defenders of their autonomy.  Although they were gradually Islamised, they never forgot their "Nobiin" roots and the knowledge that they were once a Christian people. During the last 75 years, the Nuba have experienced a resurgence of the Christian faith as missionaries from Australia, America and Europe have returned the Gospel to the Nuba through translation of the Bible into various Nuba languages and by planting churches.

And although the Australian missionaries were driven out by waves of persecution in the 1960s and 1970s, the seeds they planted fell on fertile ground.

Today, hundreds of churches dot the landscape and more than 30 percent of the Nuba identify themselves as Christian, making it the largest community of Christians in the Republic of Sudan. And they continue to experience the most horrific forms of State-sponsored persecution because of their faith.

Since our first outreach to the Nuba mountains in November 1998, PPF has had a special relationship with the Nuba people.

Within a few weeks after the NCP launched its most recent persecutions in the Nuba, more than 15 NGOs were expelled. At that time, PPF returned to Nuba to document the crisis and to begin to wage a campaign to "SavetheNuba."

Church buildings dot the Nuba landscape.

A distribution of Nuba Krongo New Testaments

As a ministry, the plight of the Nuba people represents the heart of our mission and our commitment to doing whatever possible to engage in "Active Compassion" for the Nuba people.

Whether we "use our communities" to do advocacy work and mobilize groups and individuals to deliver safe water, medicine, refugee assistance or empower the local church to share the gospel with their neighbors (including their persecutors), PPF invites you to join us in making a difference.


It is encouraging and inspiring to witness the church in the Nuba mountains respond with God's grace by reaching out to their Muslim neighbors and sharing their limited resources with each other. More importantly, they are sharing Christ in word and deed and reaping a bountiful harvest.

We know the vast majority of PPF partners will never have an opportunity to visit the communities they serve. But we hope that the pictures, videos and other testimonies we share with you will inspire you to stand with us in prayer and thanksgiving to God for the work He is doing in even some of the most remote places on earth.


"Therefore we ourselves boast about you in the churches of God for your steadfastness and faith in all your persecutions and in the afflictions that you are enduring." 2 Thessalonians 1:4