International Hypocrisy on Sudan

Below is a fantastic commentary by Eric Reeves on the current war in Sudan. As always, Reeves gets to the heart of the problem rather than allow the political spin-doctors to frame the issue. The international response to the aggression and rhetoric coming out of Khartoum is simply reprehensible and Reeves does a great job showing this.

Scandalous International Hypocrisy on Sudan

By Eric Reeves

April 23, 2012 - The stench of hypocrisy and expediency is in the air wherever one turns in assessing international responses to recent events in Sudan. The deeply imbalanced reactions to the seizure of Heglig by the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) give us our starkest picture to date of how selective and tendentious the world is prepared to be in creating a narrative for the present multiple crisis that threaten war in Sudan and South Sudan. And in their attempts to achieve a factitious "even-handedness," various actors---including the UN, the U.S., the AU, and the EU---have encouraged Khartoum to believe that it has somehow gained the diplomatic, even moral upper hand. It is difficult to imagine a more dangerous response to have encouraged, and the currently ongoing offensive military actions against South Sudan by the regime's Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) stand as stark confirmation.

Notably, international reaction has worked to encourage the most vehemently bellicose language on the part of Field Marshall and President Omar al-Bashir, who has very recently declared that (northern) Sudan is now essentially at war with South Sudan, and that Khartoum's military ambition is to destroy the "insect" government in Juba. We have heard such language of racial contempt many times from al-Bashir's regime; in this instance it is difficult not to recall the infamously ubiquitous calls in Rwanda in 1994 for the destruction of the Tutsi "cockroaches."

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