The Man in the Middle of the Road

IMG_2982by Brad Phillips A few days ago, I was driving through Nairobi, Kenya, late in the evening (which is not generally a safe thing to do) when I came upon a scene that is all too common in that part of the world - a road accident.

A long line of cars were moving slowly around a traffic jam caused by an apparent accident involving two large trucks. I didn't know how long it had been since the accident occurred, but when I came on the scene no police had arrived, and there was no ambulance. The driver and passenger of one of the trucks were standing in the road directig traffic around the two lorries.

As I got closer to the accident, I saw a young man who appeared to be dead sprawled out in the middle of the road lying in a pool of blood. He had been hit by the truck.

My immediate reaction was "Oh, how terrible. Another life lost to Nairobi traffic." But as I got closer, I looked down and noticed something that changed everything... the man's eyes opened, he looked up at me and moved his head.

He was still alive! Joshua MacLeod Top 100 131

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Why was no one helping this man? Why hadn't the truck driver or any of the passersby in the dozens of cars in front of me stopped to help this man?

After some moments of anger and internal debate, I realized it didn't matter what others had failed to do. I could do something. I stopped my car, and with the help of two others at the scene, we placed the young man in the back of my car and drove to the emergency room of a nearby hospital less than one mile away.

The young man, whose name was Francis, was still breathing, but had lost a lot of blood and suffered a severe concussion. Tragically, Francis succumbed to his injuries and passed into eternity about 3 hours later in the hospital. I wasn't able to give him much, but at least there was somebody there to show him they cared in the last hours of his life.

Since then, I have thought much about this young man. I wondered if he had a family, a wife and children. I wondered if anyone would mourn his loss and care that he's now dead.

This was a man made in God's image. He had a mother and father. He had a soul that can never die. And when he was hurt and dying, most people just passed by. They thought to themselves, "Oh, how terrible." Then they moved on.

They chose not to act. They did not get involved. IMG_4362

As Christians, this is where we're supposed to be different. We really and truly believe that each and every life has God-given value and purpose. God doesn't make mistakes. There is not a single person alive today who is a mistake. We are all a part of God's mysterious plan throughout history, and we can make a difference!

I want to thank you for making a difference! By supporting Persecution Project Foundation, you've decided not to pass by those in need. When you see suffering and violence against our fellow brothers and sisters in Africa, you do something about it. When you read about people living under the paralyzing chains of paganism and Islam, you genuinely feel compassion for their souls and desire to take them the liberating Gospel of Jesus Christ.

That's why we are in this work together.

I stopped my car in Nairobi to help a dying man. but it wasn't just me. The only reason I was in Nairobi in the first place is because YOUR COMPASSION sent me there to minister to the persecuted - to the dying.

As you look at the several pictures of ministry activities PPF has been involved in during 2009, I want you to realize that those pictures are possible because of your investment in eternity.

I want to appeal once again to your compassion. Much has happened during 2009, but the year is not over. The month of December promises to be our busiest ever.

God has filled our arms with gifts of medicine, shoes and other life-saving supplies from our ministry partners in America. We want to distribute as much as possible during the month of December as a way of showing the love of Christ to the persecuted Church, as well as to those "afar off" from our faith.  Jason at a well

Additionally, our water project in the Darfur refugee community of Jaac is picking up substantially, as we try to finish several new wells by the end of the year. You can read more at our new website

We want to accomplish more, but how much more depends, as always, on God working through His people.


Would you consider giving a special gift this month to the work of Persecution Project Foundation? And when you give, please consider designating your gift to "where needed most," so that it can contribute to all our December outreaches.

Please help us finish strong in 2009.

This year has been very eventful for PPF. On the one hand, we have been hit by the effects of the world-wide recession (like most ministries). On the other hand, God keeps giving us more and more work to do.

But isn't that how God works? God wants to stretch our faith. Not to break it, but to make it grow. God is good - all the time.  Brad with baby Abuk

Thank you for your love and compassion for the persecuted, for stopping to serve when others pass by. Thank you for your example of faithfulness and friendship. And thank you for helping us finish strong in 2009. Not for our sake, but for the glory of God and the praise of His mercy and love.