Ministry is Muddy Business


Our favorite part of this work is visiting our persecuted brothers and sisters in the war-torn Nuba mountains of Sudan. We love the fellowship we have together. We love the smiles and jubilation of people when they realize that their prayers have been answered and they have not been forgotten.

But 90 percent of the “real work” is far less glamorous— but just as important. It is the “dirty job” element of ministry.

Do you know PPF has a special fund called “Transportation and Logistics?” This doesn’t sound as important as our “Safe Water,” “Medical” and “Discipleship” programs, but believe us, it’s vital.


What good are several tons of medicine and emergency food if it just sits in a warehouse because it can’t be delivered to those who need it most?

This is why we say “mud is ministry!” The nitty-gritty, numbers-crunching, mud-boggin’ part of this organization is the bridge connecting your love and compassion with those who need it most.

On a recent outreach, we delivered several more tons of medicine and emergency food aid to the Nuba mountains. But the road wasn’t easy. In fact, it was a muddy mess. The seasonal rains had come early, and at one point, we spent 6 hours moving about 600 yards! Just that one journey resulted in a broken quad-bike axel, burned out clutches in two Landcruiser pickups, and two broken vehicle winches!


Your support of PPF’s Transportation and Logistics program is the “grease” that keeps the wheels of ministry turning. As we enter another season of heavy rains, when the roads in Sudan literally disappear, would you consider making a special gift to this fund today?