Mission Accomplished!

A couple of months ago, we issued an urgent appeal for funds to purchase an important device needed in the war-torn Nuba mountains of Sudan. Dr. Tom Catena at Mother of Mercy Hospital, the only referral hospital in the Nuba mountains, had worked for eight years without the benefit of a skin graft meshing machine. A skin graft mesher is a little device that takes a skin sample from a burn patient and stretches it to as much as three times its original size, allowing for large burn areas to be covered with a small sample.

Within days, enough money was raised for the mesher, and plans were made to get it up to Dr. Tom.

The road wasn't easy. As we made our way to Dr. Tom’s Hospital, Antonov bombers circled over our heads, and we could hear small arms and artillery fire from several points of conflict.

But our timing was very providential, because all the fighting caused a flood of new patients suffering with terrible burns from incendiary ordnance used by the Government of Sudan.

When we delivered the mesher to Dr. Tom, he was overjoyed and took us around the patient wards to see all the burn patients who will now have a better chance of survival because of this little device.

Dr. Tom explains how a skin graph mesher works

When we returned from the Nuba, we learned that enough money had been raised to purchase a second mesher, which will be donated to a new hospital being built in the Nuba. This is your Active Compassion at work. Your prompt and generous response, combined with God clearing the way for us, delivered a life-saving device when the people of the Nuba needed it most. Thank you!