No Justice, No Peace

We read with dismay the news about the infusion of $1 Billion by the government of Qatar into the failing Sudan economy. We were saddened, not because we want the Sudan economy to fail, but that we don't want to see the regime, which has ruined the economy, being strengthened. Sudan Dictator Omar al Bashir

The government of Omar al Bashir has been ruinous to the prospects of peace and prosperity in Sudan. Yet with all the blood spilt, bombs dropped and atrocities committed, the international community not only refuses to hold Bashir accountable, it continues to prop him up with cash, trade and a steadfast refusal to support the overwhelming indigenous movements promoting regime change.

On Friday, the largest indigenous coalition, the SPLM-N, met in the Nuba Mountains and reiterated its commitment towards a "comprehensive solution" that benefits all marginalized groups in Sudan. This comprehensive solution means regime change. Their cry is that the Bashir regime is "too deformed to be reformed." Only days before, the ACT for Sudan coalition sent a strongly worded plea to President Obama reminding him of his former commitment to the Sudanese people-- a commitment which seems to have been completely forgotten by the administration.

Please join us in prayer that the cry of the oppressed will be heard and that those responsible for waging war against the innocent will be brought to justice.