Now You are Light in the Lord

EdBy Ed Lyons "For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light." Ephesians 5:8

My wife, Lisa, and I have good neighbors. They care about us. They pray for us. But not all of our neighbors live in close proximity to us. They span the country. In fact, they span the globe.

Lisa recently underwent an ankle fusion revision with posterior tibial tendon repair. It’s a complicated surgery and requires her to be non-weight bearing for many weeks. During this recovery period, my family has seen first-hand how the Body of Christ is designed to work. We have been the recipients of an overwhelming amount of love and grace… from our heavenly Father, as well as from our Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Christian friends, many of whom support PPF, have said many prayers for my wife over these past few weeks. They’ve called and sent flowers and cards, and those who do live in close proximity to us have stopped in to provide meals and to see how she is doing.

How has that made us feel? In a word, “loved”!

It has also built up our faith, because we see the love of Christ flowing to us through His followers.

We also hope that it is a witness to our neighbors, some of whom do not have a personal relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ.

This is exactly what your gifts of love, flowing through PPF, are doing for the persecuted believers in Sudan. You are wrapping your arms around them and loving on them. Their faith is being strengthened, and their neighbors are noticing the love of God - perhaps for the first time.

I recently read a devotional message written by Dr. David Jeremiah entitled, “One Light at a Time.” In it, he writes, “Imagine walking into a pitch-dark room. You light a single candle and hold it over your head. When your eyes adjust, you can see a bit of what’s in the room. Now imagine that same room with five people with candles – the overall light is brighter. Then imagine ten people with candles, then twenty-five, then fifty. At some point the darkness is overcome by the light.”

“Think of that room as this spiritually dark world (Colossians 1:13). Being born into this world is like walking into that dark room. Your candle is lit when you receive and believe the Gospel. Even a tiny bit of light dispels some of the darkness. Then you share the Gospel – the candles of others are lit – and more and more darkness is driven out. Every time the Gospel is shared, Satan’s kingdom of darkness is threatened. When the Gospel is embraced, Satan’s influence and dominion (1 John 5:19) is weakened.”

“Paul wrote that we were once darkness but are now light ‘in the Lord.’ Our responsibility is to invade Satan’s kingdom with the light of the glory of God in Christ.”

Thank you for your prayers and for joining your light with ours in our work in the two Sudans.