Organizing a Walk for Water

March 14th marked a fun and significant day for 41 walkers and for the people of Jaac, Sudan. On that day, the walkers gathered at Northern Florida Christian Center in O'Brien, Florida. Members from ten churches gathered to walk around the church square to raise money for a well in Jaac. Walk-for-Water-Christian-Center-600x429

I had presented a program about the needs in Jaac to all the participants two weeks earlier. With materials in hand, the walkers proceeded to gather sponsors for the event. All of the participants worked hard, and with a matching check from another church family, $7,588 was raised!

O'Brien, Florida boasts a blinking light, a convenience store, and a lovely brick post office in a beautiful, rural country setting. It is not the size of the group, but the HEART, that matters. With the Persecution Project motto, "Do what you can, where you are, with what you have," anything is possible when we all work together with the Lord's help.

What a difference we can make for our persecuted brothers and sisters and to encourage our young people, the next generation, to get involved with missions also. Blessings to all from Northern Florida Christian Center in O'Brien!