Rain, Rain, Go Away...

From about May to early December, Southern Sudan has its rainy season. And sometimes when it rains, it just keeps raining. After weeks and weeks of soaking rain, the ground is saturated and the land becomes just one big mud bog. The sticky mud, called black cotton, will suck one's shoes right off his feet. And vehicles can be stuck for weeks - sometimes months.

This summer, PPF's own truck, Mercy, was stuck for weeks on the wrong side of a river because of flooding. All work that depended on the truck had to wait for the water levels to drop.

We've found at PPF if anything is worth doing, it's going to be hard work. This is especially the case with ministry work in Africa. There are weather problems, money problems, logistics problems, health problems, and last but not least... people problems!

Thankfully, we serve a God who is not intimidated by our problems. He is strong to save - and provide. And God provides for all our needs. He doesn't work on our timetable, but there is nothing wrong with that! It keeps us humble, and constantly "in touch" with Him.

Mission work can be like the weather - always changing. Sometimes we go through dry seasons, and sometimes there are rainy days. Thank you for standing with us during all "weather conditions." We pray we enjoy many opportunities in the future to serve God's people together.