Small Group Supports 100 Wells Project

Dear PPF,

One day, I was listening to a local radio station, and they did an interview with someone about Persecution Project Foundation and the 100 Wells Campaign. When I got home from work, I went to the website and watched the video, and it really touched my heart.

I did a little research on PPF and saw that over 90% of all total donations go to program services. So for a small donation of $35, I could help provide clean water for one individual for his/her entire lifetime and get a 100 Wells T-shirt to wear to tell others about the project.

I attend Anchor Community Church in Locust Grove, Georgia. Our pastor and Missions Director thought it would be a great idea to bring up the project in our small congregation.

We started collecting money each week and when we reached $35, we would have a drawing to see who would get the next shirt. We just had our ninth drawing and our goal is to continue until each member of our group has a T-shirt. I pray we will be able to reach 100's of others in our community and that other small groups in our church do the same thing.

In Christ and for His Glory, Rodney S. Anchor Community Church