The Ghost Town of Abyei

Map of AbyeiOn May 11, 2011, Abyei town, the historic capital of the nine Dinga Ngok chiefdoms in Southern Kordofan, was ransacked by Sudan Armed Forces aided by Janjaweed troops and Misseriya militias. Church 4

The army brought in bulldozers and leveled the town. The local church was looted, desecrated and destroyed by soldiers. Every Bible, book, pew, pane of glass, and metal sheet was either burned or stolen. The state hospital was also ransacked and looted of all its equipment and inventory.

The town's population of more than 50,000 Dinka residents was emptied as residents fled south to Agok. An estimated 300 civilians were killed on that day -- mostly the elderly who could not run.

The grave of murdered paramount chief Kuol Deng Kuol

Last year, on the anniversary of this attack, paramount Chief Kuol Deng Kuol (a.k.a. Kuol Adol) was assassinated near Abyei town in a place called Difra.

Bare power poles and rubbish mark where Abyei town used to be

On May 11th of this year, a raiding party of Misseriya tribesmen attacked a community inside Abyei town. They killed Chan Mayom Deng and stole 1,500 head of cattle. A PPF team had the opportunity to attend part of the family funeral.

Today, Abyei is mostly a ghost town. Very few remaining buildings and bare power poles mark where the town's streets used to be. A few people have moved back, but most residents have been displaced to Agok, about an hour's drive south, across the Kiir River.

The area of Abyei has been largely neglected by the international community due to other regional conflicts all around the area. This neglect has allowed the terrorist government in Khartoum to loot the area of its natural resources (including its oil) without providing any compensation to the inhabitants. One community leader told us that the only things Khartoum sends to pay for the oil is bullets.


PPF's Medical Officer inspects medical relief inventory

In May, PPF delivered an important consignment of medicine to serve the 14 primary health care facilities in the Abyei administrative region.

The arrival of these meds is very timely considering the onset of the rainy season -- which means an increase in the cases of malaria and other diseases.

Our goal is to send in at least six Emergency Medical Flights during the rainy season to help communities like Agok and Abyei.

The onset of rains means an increase in disease

Your generous giving will make this goal a reality. Please get active for the persecuted today by using your community to serve their community.