The Nuba Mountains' Lost Boys

A school in the Nuba Mountains supported by PPF. We know children have long been a part of warfare in Africa. Normally, child soldiers are recruited by dissident or rebel groups fighting against an organized traditional army. Not in Sudan. The Sudan government is actively recruiting minor children to serve in its "Rapid Support Forces."

The RSF, as it is called, is nothing more than the dreaded "Janjaweed" militias ("Devils on Horseback") re-branded by indicted war criminal Omar al Bashir. The RSF are mercenaries plucked from all over Sudan and even other North Africa states. They are a major source of terror for the civilian population, because they are given a license to kill by their masters in Khartoum.

Now we read that thousands of boys have been taken from the Nuba Mountains by the Sudan government forces and sent to training camps for indoctrination and inclusion in the RSF.

The people of the Nuba Mountains have endured more than three years of continuous war, persecution, and privation. Now their children are being taken from them to be used as weapons against their own family members.

Among PPF's many projects in the Nuba Mountains is support for education. Sudan cannot afford another lost generation. It's vital that educational opportunities exist for the Nuba people even during a time of war. With our donors' help, PPF is providing these children with a second chance for a brighter future.