The Special Ops of Missions

Editor's Note: Earlier this year, one of PPF's major ministry partners asked if he could join us on a mission to the Nuba mountains. He also asked if he could bring his son, Wes, along. We asked Wes to send us his impressions about his experience. It's encouraging to see young people like him on fire for serving the persecuted. If you'd like to contact him, his e-mail is included below. By Wes Peters

I entered the Nuba for the first time in April of this year. I have dreamed of being a member of the elite United States Special Operations community for years. Going to the Nuba was a real-life Special Operations assignment, Christ's Army edition.

Our team was bombed by Antonovs and fast-moving jets, came under fire by shelling, and sped across desert roads in the back of all-terrain vehicles. We spent a lot of time with the Nuba people, building alliances.

IMG_2657I thank PPF for such a great experience. I am a 16-year old high school junior from a small town in Oklahoma, so this was more excitement than I usually receive. While building these friendships, I made a promise to the Nuba people: "I will not forget you."

I told them I would tell my friends about them and raise money to help them, but my main emphasis was that they would not be forgotten.

After finishing up a year of high school and running a marathon, I got to work. I created videos to raise awareness of the Nuba genocide. I spoke to different prayer and missions groups about my experience. And I started planning a summer project to help those I saw.

Wes with kidsHere we are in September and HOPE4NUBA is growing strong. We have 8 videos on YouTube. We have posters and have released a small newsletter to some of our supporters. We are working with Portland Christian Academy to raise even more funds to help the Nuba.

The Nuba changed me in a way that no other mission trip has. I have been privileged to travel to over two dozen countries from Sudan to Cuba to Italy, but I came back from the Nuba feeling less entitled, less worried about getting into the "right" college, and less high-maintenance. While just a 16-year old high school junior, I am humbled that God would use me to help my brothers and sisters in the Nuba. I have just as many flaws as anyone and probably more than average, but God used me.

How will you allow Him to use you?