The Winning Side

By Brad Phillips

PPF correspondenceRecently, I received a card from a couple who have been long-time ministry partners of PPF. Their kind note was filled with encouragement and prayers for the safety and success of our team. But what encouraged me most was how their card ended: "It's good to know we're on the winning side."

"The winning side." That sounds good, doesn't it? But the best part is it's true. No matter how much darkness we confront, the tiniest bit of light drives it away. The weakest member in our army is stronger than the greatest champion of our enemy.

How do I know this? I simply look around me. First, I see in the Bible the example of Christ Himself, Who began His life as a poor kid from a backwater province in the Roman Empire. His career was brief, His persecution and death humiliating. But His victory was TOTAL.

A shrapnel-pierced pulpit

I observe this uncanny victory all around me, especially in the people and places I get to visit and serve. I see victory at a church service in the Nuba mountains, where the preacher delivers his sermon from a shrapnel-riddled pulpit. I hear victory in the hymns heralding from rocks, as a congregation meets for worship behind the protected cover of a mountain adjacent the charred remains of their church building.

Carrier Photo

Dr. Tom Catena at Mother of Mercy Hospital

I watch victory happen when I see missionary doctors like Tom Catena make the rounds visiting hundreds of patients a day, year-after-year, with no rest.

Repaired Borehole

I taste victory when I drink safe water from a formerly broken well pump a PPF team just repaired. I give victory when I hand a gospel tract to a young mother, and then treat her sick child with malaria medication we've also brought with us.

I share victory with tribal leaders who hear the Gospel for the first time in their native language.

And, of course, I read encouraging words of victory from ministry partners like you, who send notes, cards, emails, and phone calls exhorting us to "stay strong," "keep going," and "don't give up."


"We're with you." And you are.

From humble beginnings in 1997, to the present day, you've partnered with us in active compassion. Some of you have given sacrificially and consistently. Some of you have prayed for us everyday. Others have cheered us from afar, while still others have joined us in the field.

All of us victorious. All of us winners. And all because of Christ, Who loved us and gave Himself for us. This is a good work. Let's continue to walk victorious together.