They Are Throwing Children into the Flames

IMG_6741-2 The government of Sudan continues to wage a brutal war against its own citizens. Dictator Omar al Bashir is using his time-tested weapons of destruction against primarily civilian populations in areas of the country refusing to submit to his rule.

In Darfur, Bashir has turned to his infamous Janjaweed militias ("Devils on Horseback") to spread violence and terror.

As Sudan expert, Professor Eric Reeves recently reported, the incredible cruelty of these mercenaries includes throwing helpless children into burning homes. Can you imagine the terror of those children and the horror of their parents as they watch their offspring fed to the fires of this modern "Molech" in Khartoum?

How long will the international community tolerate such atrocities year after year and do next to nothing?

We can't wait for a political solution. Active Compassion needs no green light from diplomats and policy-makers -- it just needs willing hearts.