Twelve More Wells!

As the rains began to fall in South Sudan on the Darfur border, the sounds of heavy machinery and large, pounding hammers could be heard all day and into the night. It was PPF's drilling team frantically digging to beat the rains. By mid-May, twelve brand new wells were complete. Twelve new communities now had a dependable clean water source.

The timing could not have been better. Not only are the seasonal rains making work difficult, the refugee community of Jaac continues to swell with new arrivals. Some are coming from the North to start a new life in the newly independent South. Some have fled border communities that have been hit with rogue militia attacks and even assaults from the Sudan Air Force.

The number of wells completed in the Jaac administrative district now stands at 74. Thank you for your role in helping us to achieve this milestone. If necessary funds can be raised over the summer, it is still possible to reach our goal of completing 100 wells by the end of the year to provide the basic water canopy for the community.