What Really Matters

By Matt Chancey The year 2013 marks the beginning of the 16th year PPF has been involved in ministry in Africa. We have seen a lot of changes, and a lot of the same old problems lingering on. We have met wonderful people, and also our fair share of villains and con-men. Our faithful ministry partners and donors have helped us deliver tons of relief and dig dozens of wells, supply scores of hospitals with needed medicines, and send in teams of evangelists to bring encouragement and hope to areas of persecution and despair.

Much work has been accomplished. Many lives have been changed. But sometimes it is easy to get so entrenched in one's work that the "big picture" can be lost or obscured. "Why am I doing this again?" This is a question that I recently considered. There are many ways to answer. But I believe our motivation is primarily gratitude. God has given us so much and done so much for us, our duty (and joy) is to pass it on to others.


I'm not sure I particularly like that word. "Others" implies separation or disassociation. But we are very much connected and associated with the "others" we seek to bless. These are real people, not statistics.

I recently went back through our photo archive and looked through the thousands of pictures we have taken over the years. Memories came back like a flood, and I looked into the eyes of people who I met at a hospital, or a well, or along a lonely dusty road in Sudan.

A lot of things have been happening in the news lately regarding Sudan. Unfortunately, most of it is bad news. And too often we have to report bad news within this newsletter. But we decided to take a break, step back, and remember why we do what we do. This month, we'd like you to consider with us some of the "others" we have the pleasure to love and serve. This is our extended family. And as you look at these pictures, remember that even though you may never get to meet these people, your faithful friendship has made this work possible.

Thank you.