A couple of months ago, we reported that the PPF safe water team had repaired 175 broken wells in the war-torn Nuba Mountains of Sudan. Today, we can rejoice again in hearing the news that the 200 mark has been reached! IMG_0109 About 18 months ago, we began to repair broken well pumps, setting an initial goal of 15-30. The response from our supporters was overwhelming, and we raised enough funds to repair 95 that first season.

In 2014, we set a new goal to reach 200 repaired wells before the end of the year. Now, by the end of July, we have reached our goal.

Our thanks goes out to everyone who has contributed to our Safe Water Program, which primarily funds this outreach. Your giving has made a huge difference in the lives of so many. Each well pump is designed to serve 1,500 people. That means the 200 wells we have repaired can provide 300,000 Nuba residents with safe, clean water.

We praise God that our team was able to reach our goal while working inside an active war zone.