970 Bombs Dropped on Nuba Children!

A child survivor at Mother of Mercy Hospital Between December, 2014, and February, 2015, 970 bombs were dropped on civilian targets within the Nuba mountains of Sudan. Of these 970 catalogued bombings, more than 500 bombs were dropped in January!

According to NubaReports.org, "Sudanese Air-Force has more than tripled the number of bombs dropped on civilian areas in recent months. This brings the number of bombs dropped to 3000 since Nuba Reports started tracking incidents in 2012.... Between December of 2014 and February of 2015, Nuba Reports estimates at least 970 bombs have been dropped on civilian targets, a drastic increase from the 230 that were dropped over the same period last year. Of these 970 bombs, more than 500 of them were dropped in January alone."

Hospitals, churches, schools and market places are the consistent target of SAF aerial attack in the Nuba. The targeting of unarmed Nuba women and children by the Khartoum regime amounts to war crimes.

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