Bombing the Children

By Matt Chancey On September 25th, I spoke to a missionary friend at church who was recently evacuated from the war-torn Blue Nile State in Sudan. He confirmed to me the reports I had heard that weekend about the NCP government bombing the state capitol of Kurmuk. One of the targets in the attack was the office of the NGO Save the Children. This perfectly illustrates the contrast between the victims in this war who focus on saving children and those perpetrators who "bomb the children."

My friend also gave me the terrible news that the only hospital in the state is closing due to the threat of the bombing and imminent invasion by the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF). Satellite imagery reveals a massive mobilization by the SAF for a planned attack on Kurmuk.
Please take a few minutes to pray for the innocent civilians who are trapped due to hunger or sickness, the rainy season, and military roadblocks. With most of the world silent on this terrible war in Sudan, pray also that PPF can continue to help build a bonfire of advocacy.