Emergency: South Sudan Airlift

Please help us load the next emergency relief flight! "The rebels burned down seven churches in our community. Many people were hiding inside the churches, but they did not escape the killing. Everything has been burned and now the whole place is filled with the stench of death." - Pastor Saphano

Relief supplies 1This testimony from a local pastor describes the scene in Baliet County, Upper Nile State. The area has come under repeated attack. Eighty eight percent (67,000 out of 76,000) of the community's residents have been displaced to Melut County, where PPF is working with the local church to intercede with lifesaving supplies.

Tragically, the violence in Baliet is being replicated all over South Sudan.

Get Active & Use Your Community

From a recent PPF relief flight in South Sudan

Please join us in meeting overwhelming needs of internal refugees in several of the most underserved areas of South Sudan's Upper Nile, Unity and Jonglei States.

Due to widespread fighting and insecurity, key aid routes have been cut. With road access disrupted, relief flights must be utilized.

We urgently need your help to send in the next flight!

Please prayerfully consider making a special gift to Persecution Project today so we can come to the aid of our suffering brothers and sisters in communities within South Sudan.