Game-Changers: Training the Trainers

Pastors from South Sudan

It's wonderful when you get to realize dreams you've had for years. All the planning, all the work finally comes together and you reach your goal. That's how we're feeling at PPF. We recently completed our first full-blown teaching conference at the Jebel Lopit Training Center in Eastern Equatoria State, South Sudan.

PPF Director Charlie Smith teaching

The conference featured 31 pastors and evangelists from South Sudan, as well as the embattled Nuba mountains of North Sudan. The students were provided with several days of instruction in evangelism and in sharing hope with a lost world. The timing of the conference speaks to the importance of what we're doing at the JLTC.

Opening Communion Service at the PPF Pastors' Conference

South Sudan is in chaos. The currency is so devalued that getting access to basic consumables is increasingly difficult. The security situation is in constant flux. Millions of people are still displaced from their homes. There seems to be no end in sight. But while this calamity is happening, a group of pastors and evangelists representing multiple tribes and tongues shared communion together at the JLTC, and spent several days learning how to bring a message of hope to their suffering communities.

PastorsFriends, this is the game-changer. All the money in the world thrown at political solutions for the crisis in the two Sudans cannot adequately address the underlying problems of tribalism, racism and pride-- but the gospel can. We brought people together who normally never associate, and they found common ground in the love that Christ has shown them all. In that fertile ground, seeds were planted. It is seed we intend to continue planting with your help.

Bill Loveless Go Ministries

There will always be a need for crisis relief. And, God-willing, PPF will continue to focus on hard-hit communities in the traditional "no go" areas of Africa. But crisis relief will always be a temporary solution. Building relationships and providing training to the trainers of the next generation is how things are ultimately going to change.

At PPF, we don't just want to "stop the bleeding." We want to bring a transfusion of new blood to the persecuted-- specifically the blood of Christ shed for them. We communicate this in fellowship, in prayer, in solidarity, in encouragement, in giving, in sharing, and in training. Thank you for your faithful partnership that has allowed us to launch this exciting new phase of ministry of love in a community so desperately in need of it.