Mission to the City

PPF frequently receives calls from individuals, families and churches asking us how they might get involved to support and encourage the people of Sudan. Below is an example of how one group of believers decided to Get Active for the Persecuted. Just as there are diversities of gifts in the Body of Christ, there are also diverse ways of helping. wccEvery year, Walnut Creek Church (Windsor Heights, IA) hosts an event called "Mission to the City," where members of the congregation take time off of work and spend a few days serving the greater Des Moines area. Within the Des Moines community, there are roughly 1,000 refugees from the North Sudan regions of Darfur and Nuba mountains.

As the church began planning their 2014 event, members approached a leader of the Nuba community in Des Moines and asked him how they could best serve him. His answer was quite surprising. The church expected him to request help for such things as food, house upkeep, furniture, etc. Instead, he said that if the church wanted to help him, they should help his family in Sudan. Bombings from the government have left many people starving, trapped, and without basic necessities like clean water and medicine.

Later, Walnut Creek Church members met with some leaders of the Nuba community. When the Nuba leaders were asked how many of them had close family and friends who had died, they all raised their hands, replying, "My brother, my cousin, etc." It is easy to be apathetic about a situation until it is made personal.

Idris from Nuba mountains speaking at Walnut Creek Church

Following that meeting, Walnut Creek Church ordered blue wristbands that said, "Pray for Nuba - Proverbs 24:11-12". These wristbands were sold for $5 each to raise money to send medicine to the Nuba mountains in Sudan. On the Sunday of "Mission to the City," 25 members of the church partnered with members of the Des Moines Sudanese community to go door-to-door, asking people to help in one of the following ways: 1. Purchasing a bracelet or donating money, 2. Signing the petition at SavetheNuba.com, or 3. Giving voice to the situation.

People were also invited to an event hosted that afternoon at the church, where Idris, a member of the Sudanese community in Des Moines, shared about the Nuba situation, showed videos, and answered questions. God far exceeded Walnut Creek Church's expectations in the amount of money and awareness that was raised!