Sudan Finally at the Tipping Point?

Mass rioting has broken out all over Sudan, but especially within the capital of Khartoum. People are demanding the end of dictator Omar al Bashir's regime. These latest riots have been touched off by the government's decision to end its subsidy of fuel, instantly doubling prices at the pump. 


The Sudan economy has been bad for a long time. Bashir's horrendous human rights record (well earned by killing more than 2 million of his own citizens) brought sanctions against his country years ago. The loss of massive oil reserves with the secession of South Sudan in 2011 didn't help the plight of average Sudanese trying to make a living. 


In the past, Bashir has been able to survive many calls for his ouster. But these latest demonstrations are more desperate, and Bashir's crackdown on demonstrators has been brutal. Some reports say as many as 80 protestors have already been killed. Several of my contacts in Sudan say the number is more like 180.


Will Bashir survive this latest challenge to his autocratic rule? God knows. But we know that his days are numbered, and he will one day stand before the same Judge we all will face. The question remains how many additional lives will be lost before judgement day comes for Bashir?


Please continue to pray for the people of Sudan, who have suffered so much for so long.