Two Years In - Remember the Nuba!

By Brad Phillips June marked the second year anniversary of Khartoum's genocidal war against its own people in the Nuba Mountains of Southern Kordofan - Sudan.

After stealing the election for Governor of Southern Kordofan State, the terrorist NCP regime in Khartoum tried to illegally disarm their political rivals in violation of the CPA's security protocols which provided for the continued presence of SPLA-N forces.

After failed attempts by SPLM-N leadership to negotiate with Dictator Omar al Bashir during the first days of June, 2011, Bashir's National Congress Party (NCP) launched a ruthless campaign of genocidal terror against the Nuba people in the state capital of Kadugli.


More than 5,000 ethnic Nubans who sought refuge in the United Nations Missions in Sudan (UNMIS) compound were dragged out by NCP security forces and slaughtered at the gate while Egyptian UNMIS forces watched and in some reports actually laughed.

The slaughter of the Nuba that began at the UNMIS compound was extended to the entire city as NCP forces initiated house-to-house searches and targeted Nuba people based on three criterion: 1) faith: if you were a Christian or non-Muslim; 2) ethnicity: if you were an ethnic black African Nuban, or 3) political affiliation: any Nuban suspected of being a member of the SPLM or another opposition party. Based on any or all of these criteria, untold thousands of Nubans were tortured, raped and murdered during the first two weeks of June, 2011.

blankets for Nuba

The genocidal campaign was quickly expanded beyond the NCP garrison of Kadugli to encompass the entire Southern Kordofan State in a combined ground and aerial terror campaign designed to annihilate, assimilate, or drive out all the indigenous Nuba from Southern Kordofan.

The standing order from Bashir to his henchmen -- reminiscent of the Rwanda genocide -- was, "When you find a Nuba citizen, sweep away the rubbish."

No one knows how many thousands were killed in these first few days. Internal UN reports and satellite imagery point to mass graves holding thousands of Nuba corpses... innocent men, women and children.

Brad testifies before Congress

The campaign of terror continues to this day and has created a humanitarian crisis and a full-scale famine affecting more than one million people, most of whom are hiding in caves to avoid aerial bombardment. And the moral tragedy of the last two years is that the International Community has done very little to address the crisis. The US government even recently invited one of the architects of the Nuba genocide, Nafie Ali Nafie, to Washington to discuss the "security situation" in Sudan.

Please join me in praying for and remembering the people of the Nuba Mountains.

Let us not forget those who have perished and let us lift up in prayer those brave souls who are struggling to survive in the rocks and caves of Southern Kordofan.