Profiles of the Persecuted - Pastor Ali

Pastor Ali Pastor Ali's father was an early Nuba convert in his community. He was led to Christ by an Anglican Bishop named Oliver Allison. When his fifth son was born, he named him after the Bishop, but Allison's friends shortened the name to "Ali."

Ali was raised a Christian in a Muslim-dominated area in Southern Kordofan. When he decided to become a preacher, Muslims in his home village warned him not to preach. They built a mosque near his house and used a loud sound system to try to drown out his preaching. He preached in a building built by Samaritan's Purse, but Muslims destroyed his church, saying they didn't want Christians in their village. Ali was also beaten by the local chief. When the latest war began in the Nuba in 2011, Ali fled to the refugee camp of Yida in South Sudan, where he conducts a house-to-house evangelistic outreach. Many people have accepted Christ in the refugee camp. His vision is for all of Nuba to become Christian.

Pastor Ali recently participated in a PPF-sponsored pastor training seminar at the Jebel Lopit Training Center in Eastern Equatoria, South Sudan. He is also a part of a coalition of pastors in Yida partnering with PPF to identify needs and distribute relief to the persecuted.