She spent her life crawling in the dirt, then...

IMG_0602You might have seen this picture before: a PPF relief truck slogging through the mud headed north to the Nuba mountains. On the back of the truck are strapped two hand-powered tricycles for paralyzed victims of polio. Recently, we were able to meet one of the recipients of a PPF tricycle. We were sitting in a compound in the Nuba mountains waiting on someone to arrive, when a lady wheeled herself into our circle. Her name is Esther*, and she is a member of one of the Nuba churches PPF serves. Esther told us how grateful she was for the tricycle, and how much it has changed her life.

IklasAlthough Esther has lived with her disability nearly all her life, we found out she is also a widow with four young children - three girls and one boy. Recently, her husband passed away, leaving her to care for her kids alone. But a few months after this tragedy, she was presented with the PPF tricycle, giving her freedom of mobility for the first time in her life. Esther is a humble, shy woman. When she spoke to us, she wouldn't even raise her head. She just kept saying over and over, "I'm so grateful to you; I'm so grateful to you. I thank God for you."

We know how she feels, because that's how we feel about you and all our ministry partners. If it wasn't for your giving, Esther would still be crawling around in the dirt. Now, she's lifted up. It's all because of God working through your active compassion for the persecuted.

[H]e sets on high those who are lowly, and those who mourn are lifted to safety. - Job 5:11

*Name changed for security