175! This is amazing...

175! PPF's Well Repair Team in the Nuba Mountains

Contaminated water is responsible for more than 80 percent of disease in Africa. That is a big motivation behind PPF's Safe Water Program. Water is life.

In 2013, we began an ambitious campaign to provide access to safe water for the people of the Nuba Mountains in northern Sudan.

The area is home to Sudan's largest Christian community. It is also an active war-zone. Since 2011, all international NGOs have been officially expelled, leaving most of the infrastructure to crumble.

Well Repair 2Our initial goal was to repair 20-30 broken boreholes (wells) in order to assist Nuba communities in the most war-affected and neglected areas.

Although getting supplies to the mountains is dangerous, costly and logistically challenging, we asked for your help to make this project successful-- and PPF supporters gave generously.

As of April 25th, PPF teams had repaired 175 wells in the Nuba mountains, providing life-giving water, encouragement and hope to hundreds of thousands of Nuba people.

We wish to thank each of you who have supported this project. Your prayers and generosity are saving lives and feeding souls.

Please continue to pray-- and to give as God leads you-- so we can continue to engage in active compassion for the persecuted in Sudan.