Bringing Forth Water from a Boat

From the Mailbox From Tony C.

“I recently went to see one of my favorite authors, Henry Blackaby (Experiencing God). He and his son delivered a challenging message about simple math being the fine-tuning to a Christian life. It was about subtraction and addition. They said we all need to subtract or add something to our life to gain Christ.

I was provoked to ask God about this, and He moved me into a deep inspection of the passions of my life. About the same time-frame, I picked up a book called Radical, by David Platt. In the book, David talks about the story in the Bible where Jesus speaks to the rich, young ruler. speedboat

Through the combination of these events, I started to feel a heavy prompting to sell my ski boat, which has been a deep passion of mine for many years. I began investigating this nudging and learned about Persecution Project Foundation’s 100 Wells Project. I soon began to consider selling my boat and to give the money to the poor, which was similar to the Bible teaching of the rich, young ruler. This was very hard for me, but... God always wins.

My wife and I began to search our hearts, to pray and to confirm by Scripture. We have used our boat as a tool for a water-sports ministry and have also allowed water-sports to become part of who we are as a couple. This prompting in our hearts truly needed to be a confirmed nudging from God and not an emotional obstacle.

I had also recently been approached by a neighboring camp about using my boat to assist in their summer program. I met with the camp director and updated him to the call placed on my heart about selling the boat. He didn’t seem to flinch. He stated that he might be able to secure a buyer and that knowing the money was going to help fund PPF’s water project would likely influence someone to purchase the boat."

Needless to say, God led Tony and his wife to a buyer who gave them a fair price for their speedboat. That money was received by PPF and helped us drill a freshwater borehole in South Sudan. In the Bible, we read how God brought water out of a rock. We now see how He can bring forth water from a boat.