The Coup that Never Was


After nearly five months of continuous, coordinated protests across Sudan, the 30-year reign of Islamo-fascist Dictator Omar al Bashir came crashing down via a military coup on April 11th, 2019 - At least, that’s what we were told by the mainstream media.

“Fake News” seemed to reach new levels when article after article reported that Bashir was “arrested” and finally removed from power.

Sudan’s Armed Forces, through a new military council, declared a state of emergency, suspended the Constitution, imposed a curfew, and said the country would be ruled by a military council for a two-year period in preparation for democratic elections.

There was just one problem… there was no coup, and there were no real “arrests.”

Sudanese demonstrators protest against the army’s announcement that al-Bashir would be replaced by a military-led transitional council [Photo credit: Reuters]

Sudanese demonstrators protest against the army’s announcement that al-Bashir would be replaced by a military-led transitional council [Photo credit: Reuters]

The entire episode was political theatre - and the Sudanese people knew it. As of this writing, as many as two million Sudanese are still in the streets, demanding an end to Bashir’s entire regime - not more political shell games.

Bashir’s government is teetering on the edge of the abyss, because it’s an Islamo-fascist system that has murdered and looted for nearly 30 years. From all indications, the popular uprising in the streets is entirely organic - meaning it’s people-led; not inspired by outside agitators or governments.

Not surprisingly, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates expressed their support for the new military council - which is presently led by Darfur war criminals Abdel-Fattah Burhan and Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (head of the infamous Janjaweed militias, aka “Devils on Horseback”).

The Saudis have been sending the Sudan Military $ billions since the latter agreed to support Saudi’s proxy war against Iran in Yemen.

But Western powers haven’t been as supportive of the “new” regime. They know that nothing has substantively changed in Sudan.

Bashir came to power through a military coup in 1989. His brutality across the country is well-documented, and his actions, particularly in Darfur, helped earn him an indictment by the International Criminal Court for war crimes.

Inflation of the Sudanese pound has been crippling. In 2010, the rate was a little more than 2 SDG to 1 USD. In 2018, it reached nearly 50 to 1. Dramatic cost increases of fuel, food, and other basic life necessities pushed people to the point of desperation.

But regular Sudanese don’t just want an end to rising bread prices, they want an end to the entire Islamo-fascist system Bashir’s NCP government represents.

Time will tell whether the military “coup that wasn’t” will lead to a civilian government respectful of the rights of all Sudanese, not just an Islamist elite.

More Medicine on the Way!


The Africa-based PPF team recently sent over several photos showing the loading of several tons of medicines onboard a container bound for the embattled Nuba mountains. Persecution Project is a member of a Nuba medical consortium consisting of the few remaining organizations working behind the lines to provide basic health services to 1.5 million Nuba living under a government-imposed blockade. 

According to the Nuba Secretariat of Health, Persecution Project has been responsible for 70-85% of all medical assistance making to the Nuba people in the last several years.

These photos from the field encourage us to stay focused in engaging in Active Compassion for our persecuted brothers and sisters.


Medina's Song: A Profile of the Persecuted

Pic 1.jpg

Wife. Mother. Teacher. Artist. Warrior. Patriot. Medina is all these things and more.

She's also one of the "unknowns" in a terrible conflict most of the world has ignored.

Medina lives in the war-torn Nuba mountains of Sudan. Her story, though tragic, is full of hope and beauty. Every day she struggles to provide for her little family living in a war zone.


We want you to know her story.

Medina's Song is the first in a series of short films released by Persecution Project to highlight unknown heroes, like Medina, who struggle to live normal lives amidst war and persecution.

The Nuba mountains are home to Sudan's largest community of Christians.

And today, their way of life is threatened.

The Nuba have been targeted for annihilation by the sadistic regime of Omar al Bashir, Sudan's dictator since 1989.

Pic 2 - 1.jpg

In 2011, Bashir re-launched a campaign of genocide and terror against the Nuba people, dropping more than 4,000 bombs on schools, churches, marketplaces and hospitals. 

Many lives have been lost, and the international community has all but abandoned the Nuba people.

But people like Medina continue to persevere. Her patriotism, her unbreakable faith, and her songs keep her going… and inspire a rising generation of Nuba who have only known struggle.


Our hope is to use Medina’s Song to raise awareness of what is happening in the Nuba mountains, and what the church in America can do to respond.

In 2019, our priority is to expand and improve access to medical services to more Nuba women like Medina by helping to build a new referral hospital in her community — including a Maternity Ward. Right now, Medina and her neighbors must walk for days to reach the nearest hospital. We’re trying to change this. You can help.

Please visit today to watch our film and to share it with your friends and family.

Persecution Project has chosen to defy a government-imposed blockade and continue to stand alongside heroes like Medina. Please watch Medina's Song, then consider your role in engaging in more active compassion for the persecuted.

Clinging to Power

Omar al Bashir stepped down as head of the National Congress Party.

Omar al Bashir stepped down as head of the National Congress Party.

In recent weeks, Sudan's dictator, Omar al Bashir, announce a state of emergency, suspended the constitution, and dismissed his state governors in a desperate attempt to divert attention from the systemic collapse of his government's regime and a nationwide popular uprising calling for his removal.

Peaceful protests have been met with a severe crackdown involving thousands of extrajudicial killings, arrests, detentions and torture.

Bashir has now stepped down as head of the National Congress Party (NCP), formerly known as the National Islamic Front, and appointed Ahmed Haroun as his replacement. 

Ahmed Haroun, the man responsible for the Nuba Darfur genocide, has been appointed as Bashir’s replacement.

Ahmed Haroun, the man responsible for the Nuba Darfur genocide, has been appointed as Bashir’s replacement.

Haroun is a name very familiar with Sudanese, especially those living in Darfur and the Nuba mountains. In the 1990s, Haroun was the architect of the Nuba genocide, in which an estimated 500,000 people were killed.

The genocidal tactics Haroun practiced in the Nuba were later perfected in Darfur, where he was directly linked to the killing of an estimated 300,000 Darfuris. This earned Haroun Sudan's first indictment for war crimes from the ICC.

Protests in Sudan’s capital.

Protests in Sudan’s capital.

Then, in 2011, Bashir brought Haroun back to the Nuba to prosecute a new conflict and to finish the job he started in the 1990s. 

Bashir, Haroun, and their Islamist brothers are desperately clinging to power and will try by all means to hijack Sudan's popular uprising and retain their 30-year Islamo-fascist system.

Let's continue to pray for Sudan at this time and especially for our persecuted brothers and sisters as they stand against this evil regime.

A Great Work

Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor.” (Eccl. 4:9)

Dr. Ahmed examines infants at his hospital.

Dr. Ahmed examines infants at his hospital.

The war-torn Nuba mountains of Sudan have been under an Islamist government-imposed humanitarian blockade since June 2011.

Think about that for a minute.

That’s nearly eight years. Can you imagine living in your home state and being cut off from any trade for eight years (except the black market)?

None of us can imagine this because our states already have a lot of existing infrastructure, while the Nuba mountains are very rural and undeveloped.

For instance, there is only one referral hospital (Mother of Mercy) to serve a population of more than a million people. We complain about the expense of medical care in the States, yet most of us live relatively close to a hospital. Not in the Nuba. Many people must walk or be carried for days (there are few working vehicles).

Together with our prayer and financial partners, PPF is trying to change this.

PPF supports Dr. Ahmed’s hospital, which serves the persecuted church in Sudan’s Nuba mountains. Construction continues despite shortages and expense of building materials.

PPF supports Dr. Ahmed’s hospital, which serves the persecuted church in Sudan’s Nuba mountains. Construction continues despite shortages and expense of building materials.

Ahmed Zakariah was introduced to us by Dr. Tom Catena, who runs Mother of Mercy Hospital. Dr. Ahmed is heroically trying to build another hospital in the Nuba despite the humanitarian blockade.

This project is a Herculean effort and one that we (with the support of our ministry partners) have decided to support with our whole heart.

We’ve already received some very generous donations towards constructing the hospital’s Maternity Ward. Dr. Ahmed is also completing a Children’s War, improving the existing surgical theater, and even building staff quarters for visiting doctors and nurses.


While this construction is ongoing, and necessarily slow due to the shortages and expense of building supplies, Dr. Ahmed’s hospital still treats an average of 3,000 patients per month!

Dr. Ahmed’s hospital is supported by Persecution Project’s Medical Program, which has also provided more than 70% of the medicines available to the Nuba people. Medicine is distributed to 178 smaller clinics spread around the mountains. We love visiting these small, remote clinics and seeing shelves stacked with boxes of antimalarials, antibiotics, and other important pharmaceuticals.

Hospital Lab

Hospital Lab

One of Dr. Ahmed’s patients

One of Dr. Ahmed’s patients


Please visit to learn how you can directly support this important ministry. Above all, please pray for open doors and open hearts to see this work to completion - for it truly is a great work, and we don’t want to quit!

Persecution Project Emergency Borehole Repair Team

“Water is life,” and safe water can prevent 80+ percent of all disease in Africa. This is the reason why Persecution Project’s Emergency Borehole Repair Program is one of the most important outreaches our Safe Water Projects supports. By repairing broken well pumps, we literally give the gift of life to our brothers and sisters living in embattled communities.

In 2018, 133 broken boreholes were repaired by our team in the war-torn Nuba mountains of Sudan. You can help us continue this valuable work in 2019 by supporting our Safe Water Projects. As little as $1,000 repairs a well providing 1,000 people with pure, clean water. That’s just $1 per person!

Without access to safe water

Without access to safe water

Safe water well repaired by PPF

Safe water well repaired by PPF

Ministry Outreach Update

Our management team began 2019 budgeting for more safe water projects, more medical outreaches, and more relief and shelter campaigns. With the continued support of our financial and prayer partners, and God’s continued grace, we will continue to serve the persecuted.

Nuba girls receive Dignity Kits.

Nuba girls receive Dignity Kits.

Bibles and New Testaments are handed out with our emergency relief packs.

Bibles and New Testaments are handed out with our emergency relief packs.

Below, distributions of Bible Radios, clothing, shelter tarps, Bibles and relief packs are a blessing to the Nuba people.

Let us continue to pray for the persecuted in Sudan.

JLTC Pastor Training Conference


Persecution Project’s partnership with the Jebel Lopit Training Center in South Sudan continues to be a springboard for ministry and training throughout this volatile region of the world.

These photos come from a recent Pastor and Evangelist conference held at the center. These men are not only leaders of their congregations, but their growing communities as well. Peace and reconciliation in the two Sudans will come primarily from leadership cultivated from the ground up.


Partners in "Crime"

PPF’s Matt Chancey (extreme left) with Renew World Outreach team members and ministry partner Helen Boyd (center).

PPF’s Matt Chancey (extreme left) with Renew World Outreach team members and ministry partner Helen Boyd (center).

Bringing active compassion to the people of the war-torn Nuba mountains of Sudan is a crime— at least to the Islamist government of Omar al Bashir.

But PPF could not do what we do without several partners in “crime.” One such partner is Renew World Outreach from Stone Mountain, Georgia. Renew provides PPF with most of our high tech solutions for evangelism in remote and difficult areas.

Renew manufactures our Evangelism Backpacks, as well as Lightstream Wifi platforms which set up closed Internet “cafes” where users can download evangelistic content to their smart phones. And yes, like CocaCola, smart phones are virtually everywhere in Africa, including the remote Nuba mountains of Sudan!

Evangelism Backpacks ready to ship!

Evangelism Backpacks ready to ship!

The Beginning of the End?

Omar al Bashir

Omar al Bashir

Thirty years ago, Sudan dictator Omar al Bashir came to power through a military coup.

Today, it looks more and more likely that Bashir may suffer the same fate as his predecessor, as the capital Khartoum, and other cities, descends into chaos and riots.

Bashir and his cronies have lived large and treated the great wealth of Sudan as their own private ATM. The consequences for normal people have been increased poverty and hardship.

The currency has collapsed along with the job market. Prices on basic goods are going through the roof. Weeks of demonstrations (mostly peaceful) have received a brutal response from Bashir’s government. Live bullets have been used against protesters and doctors, too. Sudan’s secret police have killed dozens and beaten thousands. Thousands more have been imprisoned without trial.

Journalists, membership of the political opposition, and basically anyone Bashir feels threatened by are especially targeted for beatings and imprisonment.

Bashir has survived riots before… but not like this. City Imams are denouncing him, as well as the local police. The political opposition is calling for blood. Never before has Bashir been boxed in so tightly.

Protesters demonstrate in Sudan’s capital.

Protesters demonstrate in Sudan’s capital.

Whether he can wiggle his way out remains to be seen.

Sudan needs prayer right now. If Bashir is removed from power, who would replace him? Would this new leader be better - or worse - for the people, including the growing Christian minority in the country?

Regardless of what comes of the present upheavals in Sudan, Persecution Project will continue the ministry of active compassion to the persecuted church.

While Sudanese soldiers crush protesters in Khartoum, PPF continues to work with the indigenous church in the Nuba mountains to bring the gospel message of hope and reconciliation through works